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Why embark on this adventure?

First of all it is a family project. We would not have initiated such a project if the monument had not been for a long time the property of our ancestors. It is in this sense that we just feel custodians of a monument in the life of which we're just like birds of passage. We had the choice to let the time finish its work or to transmit at least what we had received. We decided to transmit better than received !

And as we were told by a former Architect of the Buildings of France (who followed the restoration of the Chapel): "It is really not reasonable what you're doing here... but do it because it's so beautiful ! ".

What is our project?

Ultimately, we would like the site to become a tourist and cultural pole in a region of the Puy-de-Dome (France) too little known, probably suffering from the competition of the nearby region of the Auvergne volcanoes. We certainly do bring a small stone to the building, but we are well placed to know that each stone has its importance.

To achieve this, we must first deal with the emergency. This is what we do right now : we will store and are securing the site. We try to proceed in order. In 2004, the chapel was on the point of collapse, we've saved. Since 2014 and until 2015, it is the southern facade and dungeon that are entirely taken up with re-installation of floors in the makeshift dungeon which will participate in its strength. In 2016, our hope to restore to the foothills of the northeast tower called "Renaissance". Then, the urgency will definitely save the "Renaissance main building" if our means allow. Otherwise, we will proceed by small alterations in advancing gradually on the foothills to "close the circle".

In parallel, we also mastered the vegetation and gradually make a clean sweep of fifty meters around the remains of the south side, east and north. On the western part, which has two glaze floor, we go a little further to release the beautiful view of the volcanos.

Of voluntary work camps

Today, the only volunteers are mainly members of our family ... We want more structure these projects in the future, but for this there is a number of issues, including mentoring, security and legal to solve.

A "Acro-Tours"?

This is part of our tourism project: to allow visitors to browse the website by taking a little height in the manner of acrobatic in the trees! Obviously, we must first ensure the strength of the towers ...

Is there an association?

Yes. There is an association "law 1901", the FAYEssociation, which is now dormant. We believe revive him soon, including to provide a framework for our activities there.

Anyone can help

The first assistance to us is to make our project. Then we need arms, goodwill and various skills and also of course materials. We should maintain and expand the path, regularly contain vegetation, set up tables and makeshift benches in open places, etc.

Corporate sponsorship is now possible for individuals

Companies can défiscaliser a significant part of their donation which can be in cash, in kind or even competence. The Heritage Foundation's website clearly explains these options.